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About Us

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is a public-funded institution with a Christian heritage. The University seeks to create an educational experience that is holistic in nature and is committed to nurturing its students to become well rounded in their intellectual, professional, physical, moral and spiritual development. This educational philosophy is the basis of HKBU’s long-cherished aim of whole-person education. The University places dual emphasis on teaching and research, promotes extensive cross-cultural experience amongst its student population, and maintains strong links with the community through its active engagement in various consultancy and public service.

The faculty members of the Department of Mathematics have a very strong background in Scientific Computing, Statistics and Operational Research. The Department of Mathematics is actively involved in many areas of research. Since most of our research is applied and interdisciplinary in nature, we often collaborate with scholars in other fields. We also have close working relationships with many mathematicians from other institutions in Hong Kong, China and overseas. Our department will continue our strong commitments in teaching, in taking care of students, and in high quality research.

Message from Head

We are proud to be one of the most active mathematical and statistical research Departments in Hong Kong.


Meet Our Team

The Department has a distinguished record in teaching and research. A number of faculty members have been recipients of relevant awards.

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We warmly welcome any interested parties/individuals to contact us for further information about our Department.


News & Events

Prof. M. Cheng, Dr. Y. S. Hon, Dr. K. F. Lam, Prof. L. Ling, Dr. T. Tong and Prof. L. Zhu have been awarded research grants by Hong Kong Research Grant Council (RGC) — congratulations!

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